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Founder: Lee Tomassetti

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Hello, I'm Lee Tomassetti. I started off in videography creating animation videos with my siblings when I was young, filming with our Dad's DV camera. As I grew older, I took an interest in storytelling and photography, and eventually studied Film and Media Arts at Temple University. Today, I have the opportunity to tell unique stories and promote meaningful causes on the regular. As a visual artist, I appreciate discovering beauty in uncommon places, and I apply this perspective to every detail of my work. Lee Tomassetti Films is an avenue in which I practice serving others through my craft. I partner with other freelancers I have built relationships with to complete quality work that we all deeply care about, whether it's for business videos or a couple's wedding film, it's what I do and love. 
Lee Tomassetti Architectural & Design photographer

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